2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV

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  • Overview

    A white 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV Premium is angled left.

    Making its grand debut onto streets across the nation this year, the 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV is turning heads wherever it travels with its striking design elements, uncanny performance, and Mazda innovation radiating throughout. This three-row plug-in hybrid EV isn’t your average SUV. It’s made to mesmerize you while delivering you to all of your destinations in absolute serenity with some of the industry’s latest advancements and enhancements at the helm of the journey.
    Displaying an incredible all-electric range, perfect for short travels, switching effortlessly to a combination of gas and electric for long trips, the CX-90 PHEV has everything going for it. It’s also wonderfully spacious and accommodating, perfect for families and those who frequently travel with more gear and passengers.

    Here at Mazda of Columbia, we seek to provide our loyal customers with all of the helpful tidbits about Mazda’s revolutionary models so that you can make the best decision regarding your faithful travel companion. The Mazda CX-90 PHEV is here to shake things up a bit on the road, and in the areas of performance, style, convenience, and innovation, you’ll quickly realize that this SUV is different from the rest. When it’s time to travel in ultimate elegance, enjoy some of the most riveting performances on the streets, and take advantage of cutting-edge tech, the CX-90 PHEV certainly won’t disappoint.


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  • Performance

    PHEV Powertrain Expectations

    The 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV utilizes gas and electricity to urge it forward with poise and efficiency. Armed with a 2.5L four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor and a 17.8-kWh battery, this remarkable SUV can take charge of your ride in ways you never thought possible. Engaging in your drive with 323 horses leading the way, you can expect a powerful performance with plenty of excitement coursing through it. This makes even those mundane trips back and forth from school a bit more thrilling, even when it’s early in the morning and you haven’t had your coffee yet.

    What really steers drivers toward this PHEV is the fact that its range is impeccable, able to travel up to 26 miles utilizing electric-only power. Combining this electric power with its capable gas engine, the CX-90 PHEV can get up to 56 MPGe, enjoying a maximum 490-mile total range, making it perfect for long road trips. The option to add a home charging station makes keeping your CX-90 PHEV charged up and ready for anything an easy task, making it a surefire winner when it comes to talented and convenient PHEVs.

    Exceptional Capabilities

    Mazda has been heralded for loading up its vehicles with desirable features while maintaining affordable prices. This is exhibited perfectly in the CX-90 PHEV, which comes standard with i-Activ all-wheel drive capabilities, adding even more value to the drive. This rear-biased system adapts to the changes of the road throughout all facets of your drive, allocating its power to the wheels that need it the most so that you can remain stable and controlled at all times. In addition, you’ll also be able to take advantage of Mi-Drive, which features five drive modes to ensure optimal performance, regardless of the terrain. From Sport to Off-Road, Towing, and more, the CX-90 PHEV responds to the environment with agility, allowing you to feel undeniably secure as you’re nestled inside its cozy cabin.

    For those who desire a vehicle strong enough to tow their small camper out to the campsite for the weekend or their boat to the lake, the CX-90 PHEV can handle it, no questions asked. With its capable hybrid powertrain, the CX-90 PHEV can tow up to 3,500 lbs, allowing you to utilize it for whatever task on your agenda. As you can clearly see, the 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV can offer a game-changing ride, all while utilizing advanced hybrid capabilities to enhance the experience behind the wheel in ways you never imagined.

  • Style and Convenience

    High-End Design

    From the moment you glance at the 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV, you’ll notice it has no problem standing out from the crowd. From its chiseled exterior with clean body lines and an engaging profile to its captivating stare and confident presence, the CX-90 PHEV is eye-catching from every angle. Inside, its designer aura emanates throughout, with handcrafted details and high-end accents dotted from front to back. With available Nappa leather-trimmed seats, second-row captain’s chairs, and a panoramic moonroof, the CX-90 PHEV creates the ultimate ambiance inside to set you at ease, no matter what journey you embark on next.

    You’ll notice that the CX-90 PHEV showcases many of the same design elements as other popular Mazda models, like the CX-50, which also includes cozy elements and an aura of refinement throughout. Soft-touch materials accentuate its cabin, and with plenty of legroom and spacious seating for up to eight (when opting for the second-row bench seat), everyone on board will undoubtedly enjoy every moment they’re on the road. With three trim levels to choose from, ranging from ultra-luxurious to radiantly beautiful, the lineup of CX-90 PHEVs will leave you breathless.

    Ultimate Convenience

    To be utterly gorgeous is one thing, but to also be functional places the CX-90 PHEV in a world all its own. This accommodating SUV is ready for anything, with up to 75.2 cu.ft. of cargo space when its second and third-row seats are folded. Plus, with hidden storage underneath the cargo floor and a rear power liftgate to help you get loaded up effortlessly, even when your hands are full, the CX-90 PHEV considers everything when it comes to cargo convenience. What’s more is that the CX-90 PHEV also features a cargo floor that’s on a 5-degree incline to help make it easier to load and unload even cumbersome items without issue.

    You’ll also find an available 1500-watt power outlet on board to help keep your devices powered up and ready for the journey ahead. Throughout its pristine cabin, plenty of storage areas can be found to enhance your journey and promote organization on the road. No matter what type of trip you’re taking, rest assured the CX-90 PHEV can handle it confidently. There’s no better vehicle that offers the perfect blend of elegance and convenience than the 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV, making it the ideal accompaniment to your everyday journey.

  • Innovation

    Cutting-Edge Connectivity and More

    Inside the carefully crafted cabin of the 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV, you’re presented with some of the most remarkable tech in the industry. With either a 10.25-inch or an available 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen occupying a prominent spot on the dash, you’ll have all of your coveted tech features right at your fingertips. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wireless charging, a Bose premium sound system, and more available tech features can be expected, while an available Active Driving Display adds more value to your journey than you ever imagined. The largest driving display in Mazda’s arsenal, this dazzling feature provides you with all of the pertinent information about your drive right in front of you on the dash, helping you stay more in tune with your journey and more comfortable behind the wheel.

    Opting for the 360-Degree View Monitor with See-Through View helps you see what lies directly behind your vehicle in crystal clarity so that you can back up and park with expert precision. Download the MyMazda app and be able to control your CX-90 PHEV right from your smartphone. From starting its engine to connecting to Wi-Fi and so much more, having access to ultimate convenience in your vehicle is a given inside the CX-90 PHEV.

    Stellar Safety

    The 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV is equipped with one of the best safety suites in the business, i-Activsense, which provides access to several advanced safety features to heighten your security on the road. From Blind Spot Assist to Road Keep Assist, the Mazda CX-90 PHEV is watching out for you during every moment of your drive. You’ll even find a Vehicle Exit Warning to help you avoid passing cars, bicyclists, or pedestrians while exiting your vehicle, keeping you and everyone around you safer on the road. It’s obvious that the 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV has every aspect of your drive covered, from helpful connectivity tech to must-have safety features and everything in between.

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