Value Your Trade

Trade In Your Vehicle 

At Mazda of Columbia, our goal is to take the majority of the stress out of car buying, from initial research to coming up with a final budget. One of the most beneficial tools we have available for customers to use online is our Kelley Blue Book value your trade calculator, which can provide customers with a cash estimate for the vehicle. A simple assessment will confirm the amount, which can be used as either trade value towards the purchase of a new Mazda or pre-owned vehicle or as a cash purchase for your current car. By trading in or selling your car at Mazda of Columbia, you miss out on the hassle of managing ads for the vehicle online or in different places around town and vetting potential buyers to make sure you’ll get what you need for it. 

Determining Your Car’s Trade In Value

Using our trade-in calculator is simple and only takes a few clicks! All you need to enter at first is the make, model, year and current mileage of the vehicle for a base estimate. If you have your plate number or VIN off the top of your head, that can provide a little more top-level data. The more information you include, the more precise your estimated trade in value will be. Entering information like the color of the vehicle, trim level and any customizations or accessories will also impact the value of your vehicle. The estimate will be converted into an offer after an in-person appraisal by a member of our used vehicle team, who will know the current trends and market for your car as well as being able to judge the overall condition fairly and accurately. As the customer, you will be able to either accept or negotiate the offer as you test drive and search for your next vehicle. 

Can I Trade In a Vehicle I Still Owe On?

You may be at the point where you’re ready for a new car, even if you haven’t completed the terms of your current auto loan. There are a few circumstances where you can trade in a car that you haven’t finished paying off. If you have reached positive equity and the vehicle is worth more than you owe, our dealership will purchase the vehicle, using part of the price to pay off the remaining balance on the loan and putting the rest towards your next car. It is generally recommended that you wait to trade until you have positive equity. If you still owe more than the current worth of the vehicle, the new loan will be consolidated by our auto finance department into what you owe on the traded car, so you will still be paying it off.

Trade In Your Car, Truck or SUV in Columbia Today!

If you know you want a new vehicle, start the process of trading in your current ride to Mazda of Columbia today! Our finance department will be able to work with you and coordinate necessary appointments with the used vehicle team and help you determine how you’ll pay for the remainder of your new car. Our dealership is open six days a week for test drives, and appointments can be conveniently scheduled online. To get started, fill out the calculator or call our dealership today!