Premium vs. Regular Gas

Let’s say you’re a West Columbia driver and you want to know the difference between premium and regular gas. You might also want to know if adding premium gas to a not so “premium” vehicle will improve its performance on Irmo roads. Don’t fret, the dependable people at Mazda of Columbia are here to give you all the information you need on premium vs. regular gas.

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What Is Regular Gasoline?

Most of the cars that you’re going to see in your drive through Lexington will run on regular gas. In the comparison of premium vs. regular gas, you’ll want to note that regular gasoline is 87 octane. What’s octane? The octane rating corresponds to how clean the fuel is. 87 octane fuel is not as clean as fuels with higher octanes, but if you have a car that isn’t considered “high performance,” you have no real need to use higher octane fuel in your vehicle.

What Is Premium Gasoline?

In cars that have bigger engines and other performance features, you’ll want to opt for 93 octane fuel. What separates 93 octane fuel from its 87 octane counterpart? 93 octane fuel keeps engines cleaner and gives off less pollution, meaning people who want a little extra in their engine in West Columbia will be able to keep their engines cleaner longer.

Quick Facts About Premium Gasoline

Why is premium gas so expensive compared to regular? Premium gas is at a premium compared to regular because it costs more to make gasoline with a higher octane level.

What is gasoline made out of? Both 87 octane and 93 octane gasoline are made of crude oil, but 93 octane (premium) gasoline goes through a bit more refinement to achieve its higher octane.

Why does an octane level matter? A higher octane level means you have less pre-ignition or “engine knock.” Engine knock harms your engine over time, so you want less of that in a performance engine.

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