How to Wash a Car

If you want to keep your car looking at its best, regular washes are a big part of that. Not only do regular car washes keep your car looking fresh, they can also protect your paint and exterior when done in the right way. Mazda of Columbia is here to offer some great advice on how to wash a car to the auto buying public of West Columbia.

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Washing a Car

First off in our guide on how to wash a car, you’re going to want to figure out if you’re just giving your car a wash and wax or choosing to give it more attention. If your car is relatively new or has recently been waxed and polished, you will just want a wash and wax. If it’s been a while since the last time you washed, you’re going to want to take a deeper focus on your car. 

Rinse, Wash, and Wax

Before getting to the scrubbing, you’ll need to get debris off of your car through a thorough rinse. After that, use car washing mitts and drying cloths to give your car’s surface a deeper clean. Following washing the car’s body, clean the windows with something specially cleared for use on car windows. Make sure it’s ammonia-free. Use a low-strength, acid-free pH balanced aluminum wheel cleaner to get your tires to close everything out. Car wax is a great help at this time, as it prevents UV damage on your car’s paint job and protects its sheen.

How Often To Wash a Car

During the normal course of business in Irmo, you’re going to want to wash your car every two or three weeks. If you’re going offroading or on a weekend adventure, you might want to wash your car more frequently. You’ll want to wax your car once every six months.

Mazda of Columbia Knows Columbia

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