How to Clean Car Floor Mats 

Your floormats help ensure that your carpets stay clean, but after spending time outdoors outside of Irmo, they could get muddy, dusty, and all-around dirty quickly! After you’ve taken home a new Mazda, it’s a wise idea to learn how to clean your car floor mats with our service team at Mazda of Columbia. We’ll help you learn how to clean car floor mats and keep your interior looking clean for years to come.

How to Clean Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats are rugged and offer advanced protection for your interior. The process for how to clean rubber floor mats differs from other types of floor mats and is often a bit easier. Learning how to clean rubber floor mats is simple! Grab the following supplies from your garage or auto parts store in West Columbia: 

  • Vacuum
  • Rubber floor mat cleaner solution
  • Stiff-bristle brush
  • Hose or bucket of water
  • Microfiber towel 
  • Space to hang your mats to dry

Once you have your kit ready, learning how to clean rubber floor mats is a very straightforward process. See how to clear your floor mats like a pro below: 

  • Remove your rubber floor mats from the vehicle
  • Shake out any debris, crumbs, etc. 
  • Thoroughly rinse the mats with the hose or bucket of water
  • Generously scrub the rubber mats using a stiff-bristle brush and the rubber floor mat cleaner solution to remove grime and debris
  • Rinse the mats clean
  • Dry with a microfiber towel or hang-dry
  • Replace your like-new mats back in your vehicle when fully dried!

How to Clean Carpet Floor Mats

Learning how to clean car floor mats that are carpet can be a more challenging proposition. While the process is similar to cleaning rubber floor mats, your supplies will be more specialized. You’ll want to find a carpet floor mat cleaner rather than an all-purpose or rubber-specific solution. If you can get one, a wet vacuum can also be very useful in sucking out any stubborn stains or marks. Take the following steps to clean your car floor mats: 

  • Shake your floor mats and brush away any large debris
  • Vacuum your carpet mats
  • Use the carpet floor mat cleaner according to the instructions
  • Scrub the mats to remove any stains or hard-to-remove debris
  • Rinse completely with hose or bucket of water
  • If you have access to a wet vac, utilize that at this stage
  • Hang your mats to dry and— again— replace when fully dry

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