Road Closures in Columbia, SC

September 14th, 2019 by

Worn Road Closed Sign in front of street being repaired

Hurricane Dorian left lots of roads in Columbia, SC closed to traffic due to flooding, damage, and debris. Our team at Mazda of Columbia is thankful you’re safe, and wants to help you get around Columbia safely, whether you’re from Irmo or Cayce and beyond. Learn about road closures in Columbia, SC, below and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

If you have any doubts, be sure to check the South Carolina DOT Road Conditions Map. Road closures are changing quickly as crews take care of any issues, so be sure to check the map before heading out.

Route SC 41

If you plan on traveling on SC-41, be aware that there are rolling lane closures between Lake City, SC and Conway, SC.

Dick Pond Road (Surfside Beach)

Due to a sinkhole, Dick Pond Road has left the left two lanes closed from Marypoint Drive to US-17.

Spring Avenue (Simmonsville)

Sand is covering all lanes of Spring Avenue from S-10 to the road’s end.

Plantersville Road (Plantersville)

All lanes of Plantersville Road are flooded past Annie Village Road.

Wilton Road

Wilton Road is closed from Stonewood Road to Woodside Road in both directions due to dam failure.

Durham Drive

Durham Drive is closed from Tarrytown Lane to Woodhurst Drive in both directions due to dam failure.

Arcadia Lakes Drive

Arcadia Lakes Drive is closed between both ends of Arcadia Woods Road due to dam failure.

Arcadia Lakes Drive East

Arcadia Lakes Drive East is closed between North Trenhorn Road and Sandwood drive due to dam failure.

Mazda of Columbia is Here To Guide You Across Columbia, SC

Now that you’ve learned about road closures in Columbia, SC, you’re ready to navigate to our favorite local restaurants for additional comfort. We’re here to help guide you across the community and learn about local tips to enjoy Columbia, SC.

Drive safely, and take extra care while driving throughout South Carolina during the cleanup process. Always remember not to drive into the water if you’re at all unsure of its depth, and steer clear of any unpaved areas if you are not equipped to handle them!

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